Now with PokaTheme v4 you get GEO-location detection tools included in your theme and you avoid paying extra for this functionality!

You will find custom shortcodes/blocks to use inside the editor and also the Table & List affiliate blocks have integrated Geo-location support!

GEO-location support to all of our affiliate blocks.

In PokaTheme v4 there are over 40 custom affiliate blocks available for your next affiliate project!

All of these affiliate blocks when a review has GEO-location enabled then it will show to the visitor if is supported to their country.

Show location based content to your visitors

With the available shortcodes you can display location based notifications to your visitors along with flags and completely customized messages.

Make your site friendlier to your visitors with a more personalized touch!

GEO-location caching included

You can enable caching in the settings and avoid identifying user location for each page request.

This way the GEO-location functionality adds almost zero overhead to your site performance.

Settings screenshots